Thursday, April 10, 2008

Motivation Behind the Blog?

During recent contract negotiations, members of the APOA recognized the need for public support and input. We looked at traditional media and placed ads in the local papers. We contacted reporters and initiated interviews, asked to have letters printed and were received with some open minds. The Pasadena Star News, the San Gabriel Tribune and the Arcadia Weekly, all ran print stories reporting on the status of negotiations and arguments on both sides of the table.

Realizing the growing attention to Internet based media, i.e. "blogs", the APOA turned to the computer to reach out and initiate contact with the community. One of the first blogs to acknowledge the APOA was the Foothill Cities Blog. The FC Blog ran a couple of articles with letters written on behalf of the APOA with a little bit of editorial input from the blog writers themselves. Comments began to flow and conversation was stimulated, pro and con. The Crime Scene Blog, part of the San Gabriel Valley News (Tribune/Star News), also ran several pieces highlighting the APOA. Crime Scene's author, Frank Girardot, is never shy with comments, but delivers very timely information related to police activity throughout the SGV. And the Inside Out Arcadia Blog also highlighted the position and argument on behalf of the APOA.

Each of these various media outlets played a role in our public outreach. The writers, reporters and all those who commented, all deserve a "Thank You" from the APOA.

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