Friday, April 25, 2008

APD Vehicles - CSI

Arcadia PD employs a full-time Evidence Technician who is well versed in many aspects of Crime Scene Investigation, or in today's lingo, "CSI". In order for the Tech to transport all the needed equipment, we invested in a nicely outfitted CSI van. The van can carry photo and video equipment, scene processing items such as assorted printing tools or fuming kits and much more. There is also a roof mounted platform for above ground, outdoor photography. Our Tech is certified in fingerprint identification and assists outside agencies as well as APD. The majority of crime scene processing is handled by the Officer on scene, but when there is a call of significance or large scale, we will utilize the services of our very own CSI unit.

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Anonymous said...

HI - found a 1969 Arcadia police car - it was a non roof light car - looking for old pics or parts

can anyone help? speeddave68 at yaho