Monday, April 28, 2008

Armed Robbery Nets Flowers and Little Cash

About 3 PM today, a local florist in the 1000 blk. of N. Santa Anita fell prey to an armed robbery. The suspects ordered flowers then produced a handgun demanding money. The duo fled on foot with the flowers and a small amount of cash.

The suspects were described as female Hispanics, both heavy set wearing white "sports" jerseys, either of them were said to be between 25-35 years of age. No suspect vehicle seen.

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Miss Havisham said...

That must be a girl armed robber thing. Personally, I'd want a lingerie store. This is what I would say to the poor shop person:
Give me 10 lace panties in every color with the demi bras to match, 5 or so of those fabulous essential oils, and don't be chinzy on the lavender.

Then, I'd mash my DNA soaked cigarette on the glass counter and flee in high heels--never on foot.

Style is so vetty important.

Carry on with your fabulous tidbits.