Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Just Ask" - APD Radio Codes & Communication

What are some of the common radio codes used by APD, what types of radios do we use, and what about monitoring other agencies? Like other police agencies in Southern California, APD uses fairly standard "10" and "9" codes, along with other numbers or lingo that are commonly associated with some form of legal code, such as the California Vehicle Code, Penal Code, or the Arcadia Municipal Code. Here is a sampling of some of the more commonly used codes at APD;

  • 10-97, On scene / 10-98, Completed detail

  • 901T, Injury collision

  • 902T, Non-Injury collision

  • 459, Burglary related call, alarm or investigation

  • 211, Robbery related call

  • 586, Parking violation

  • 415, Disturbance call

HERE is a link to a fairly comprehensive list of different versions of radio codes.

Our patrol units are equipped with 2 Motorola radios each. With the use of two radios, we are able to send and receive on both frequency bands, allowing our Officers to communicate with many different agencies throughout Los Angeles County. This is a huge advantage when involved in mutual aid situations or calls involving multiple jurisdictions. Our handheld radios, also Motorola, are similar to the unit radios but with fewer frequency options.

The use of scanners was phased out some years ago by APD, primarily to allow room for the dual radio installation. With the use of two radios in the units, our Officers are able to monitor outside agencies if they chose to do so. Many of them do indeed monitor agencies that border Arcadia, like Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, or LASD. With this set-up, we can readily communicate with assisting field units and be more quickly informed of events in the area.


Jeremy said...

What does the law state about the use of scanners by citizens?

APOA Voice said...

For the most part, it is legal to use a scanner in California. PC 636.5 makes it a misdemeanor to use a scanner in the commission of a criminal offense. There is additional language in the section, but again, if you are not out committing a crime, you are probably fine. Make sure to check any local municipal ordinances for a specific area. I did not rummage through the muni code, but I have never run across any ordinance in Arcadia prohibiting the use of a scanner.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference from going 98 (10-98) to 10-8?

APOA Voice said...

"98" is used to clear a call or detail. It basically says that I am "finished." "10-8" is the code for "I am in service." Sometimes we use either/or...technically, they are different.

Anonymous said...

what are the departments regulations as far as rolling code 3? what calls are considered code 3 calls? just medical assists and 901T's is mostly what I have heard units roll code 3 for..

APOA Voice said...