Thursday, June 11, 2009

APOA Assists with Budget Shortfall

The City of Arcadia has undergone several budget reviews and revisions over the course of the last year. Even with slashing budget items citywide and freezing multiple positions, including 8 Police Officer positions, there remained an approximate $600,000 budget shortfall. City Manager Don Penman approached employee groups and asked for assistance in helping to bridge the gap in the budget.

The APOA held a membership meeting two weeks ago and discussed options available that would assist in the budget shortfall. As Robert Hong notes in his article in the Pasadena Star News, the APOA voted nearly unanimously to defer a portion of each members pay and benefits this fiscal year to assist the City. Our membership, which includes all Police Officers, a Police Agent and all Police Sergeants, will each contribute in excess of $1,000 this fiscal year. Other City Employee groups and Managers followed suit over the last couple of weeks and have also made concessions. This includes the City Manager and APD Management as well.

The tough economic times have impacted everyone. Our membership is not immune. Lay-offs and cut-backs away from the City have hit some of our members and their families. The APOA is committed to working with the City and hopefully in the upcoming years frozen positions, cut backs, and layoffs will once again be on the back burner.

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