Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Samaritan Foils Theft

Shortly before 1:00 PM yesterday, two male Hispanic teens tried to make off with a purse that they had just stolen from a nail salon in the 700 block of South First Avenue. A good Samaritan who was driving by, saw the pair fleeing with the purse and drove after them. The pair dropped the purse shortly thereafter and the good Samaritan recovered it, bringing the purse and all its' contents back to the nail salon. Apparently, the pair had entered the salon making a brief inquiry and then left. One of the young men ran back into the shop and grabbed the purse from next to the victim, fleeing out the front.

Good reminder for customers and businesses to be alert and proactive with their belongings when out and about. If you are out shopping, eating at a restaurant, or in this case, getting nails done, keep your purse, briefcase, laptop or other items close at hand and in view. If you can, keep them in a spot that does not allow for an easy "grab and run." HERE are some applicable tips in a recent Tuesday Tip.

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