Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Department Launches On-Line Reporting

The Arcadia Police Department launched the Public Safety Citizens Service Portal recently for the purposes of limited on-line reporting via the Internet. The on-line reports are limited to reports that are not of an emergency nature, occurred within the City of Arcadia, have no suspect information, and fall within the following categories;

  • Annoying Phone Calls

  • Auto Burglary

  • Identity Theft

  • Lost Property

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Vehicle Tampering

The reporting party completes the information on-line and is furnished with a sequence number. Once submitted, the report is reviewed at APD and if additional information is required, the reporting party will be contacted for an update. Once the report is approved, it is filed with APD just like a report directly to a police officer. An unofficial copy of submitted reports can be obtained through the system for insurance or similar needs. The form is complete with explanations, is fairly easy to follow and is a fill in the box format.

This is a nice addition to our tool bag and allows the community just one more avenue of contact with APD.

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