Sunday, May 31, 2009

"YES" on Measure A

The APOA is joining other City Employees and the AFFA in supporting a "YES" vote on Measure A on June 9, 2009. Measure A will help preserve Arcadia public services such as police and fire protection and short response times, paramedic service, street maintenance and repair, graffiti abatement, library and recreation programs, senior and youth programs, traffic management, code enforcement and more.

Measure A seeks voter approval to UPDATE an existing ordinance; it is not a new tax. Measure A modernizes the Utility Users Tax Ordinance that was put in place in 1970. These UUT dollars remain in Arcadia and ensure locally protected revenue for public safety. If Measure A is not approved and the UUT is not modernized, this portion of the General Fund may be subject to legal challenge and could result in an estimated $1 million loss.

Remember to vote "YES" on Measure A on Tuesday, June 9th.

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