Friday, May 15, 2009

South East Residential Burglary

Officers were already in the area when they were dispatched to the discovery of a residential burglary having occurred in the 2500 block of Doolittle Avenue this afternoon. At about 1:05 PM, units had been sent to the area of the 900 block of East Winnie Way when a resident observed two male African Americans running from the rear yard and entering an awaiting van. No burglary was found at that location, however, there was a residential burglary on Doolittle, which is just a short distance away.

The resident saw a female approach the front door on Winnie Way and then shortly after the two males went into the rear yard. After calling the police, the subjects ran away from the home to the van, described as full-size, maroon in color with windows, and no rear license plate. The subjects were possibly alerted to the call by use of police scanners and fled prior to APD arrival.

This type of "M.O." has been used in some residential burglaries in town and residents should be alert to persons approaching homes in this manner. It is not uncommon for a suspect to knock on the door in attempts to see if someone is home prior to the commission of a burglary. If the resident answers, there is usually some feigned excuse provided by the suspect such as lost, looking for a dog, looking for directions, etc. Please call the police right away should you see or experience this type of activity.

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