Friday, May 29, 2009

A Look Back - APD Motor Squad

This photo showed up last week on my desk. Don't know the year, but I am guessing the 1960's...The photo is in front of the old APD station on our current site, 250 W. Huntington Drive.

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Rick Daniels said...

Sometime in the late 1060's I was a motor cop at APD riding motor #54. I replaced Bill Billings on that bike and when I resigned from the Motor Squad, Bill Billings got back on Motor #54. I went to the CHP motorcycle academy in Sacramento Calif. I resigned from APD in 1971 and became a major crime, organized crime and narcotics agent for the State of Minnesota. I am now retired in the mountains of Montana. If you know me, drop me a note at I dont know for sure if I am in that picture but remember having a picture taken in that very spot. Ron Johnson, Art Sea and "Goldy" on the three wheeler were on the squad when I was. The officers working traffic control at various intersections throughout Arcadia would look forward to seeing us drive by at then end of the shift so they could go home.

Good times, good people, good memories.
Rick Daniels