Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tip - "No Right Turn On Red"

Several intersections throughout town have "No Right Turn On Red" signs or lights posted in order to assist traffic safety. Some of the intersections include Huntington Drive/Second Avenue, the eastbound Interstate 210 exit at Baldwin Avenue, First Avenue/Santa Clara Street, and eastbound Huntington Drive/Santa Clara Street. The majority of intersections are signed with universal symbol or older style, block print signs indicating that a turn is prohibited on a red signal. The one exception is the intersection of Huntington at Santa Clara where there are two LED signs that only illuminate in conjunction with the pedestrian signal. The LED signs display the universal "No Right Turn On Red" symbol when lighted. One of the sections used to enforce these signs is CVC 21461(a). It is important for drivers to obey these signs. As stated, the primary reasons for restricting a right turn are driver and pedestrian safety. There may be roadway or vision obstructions that are not readily apparent to drivers or there may be a need for a protected pedestrian phase. These signs are not posted without cause, so please be aware of posted signs and obey the direction or restriction.


Anonymous said...

Is there no turn on red all the time, or only when the sign is illuminated?

APOA Voice said...

Only when this LED sign is illuminated is the right turn prohibited, specifically, at the intersection of Huntington/Santa Clara.