Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Tip - New Laws for 2009

Two new laws that go in to effect January 1, 2009 may impact the way you do business while driving. The first new law prohibits texting while driving. Previously, texting was unlawful for drivers under 18 years old. Starting in 2009, anyone texting, reading or sending communication via an electronic wireless communication device while driving, such as a cellular phone, is guilty of an infraction.

The other new law that will apply to many drivers pertains to the use of portable GPS devices. There are now only two locations that you can lawfully mount your portable GPS device while driving: either the lowermost 5” corner of the driver’s side windshield or the lowermost 7” corner of the passenger side windshield. This section is meant to keep your forward view through the windshield from being obscured in any way.

Refer to the CHP website, HERE, for a brief on other new laws for 2009.

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