Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Massage Parlor Monitoring Continues

Investigators from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) joined Arcadia Police Detectives in conducting follow-up investigations at a number of massage parlors back on December 19th. These visits were conducted as part of the on-going monitoring of the massage parlors in the City of Arcadia. State Investigators were tasked with verifying compliance with State labor laws, workers compensation insurance, taxes and hourly wage standards for employees. Five locations were found to not comply with certain State regulations and were issued fines and immediate shut down orders.

The five locations that were not in compliance were:

Ocean Health Center, 556 W. Las Tunas Dr. #201
CH Health Center, 178 W. Live Oak Ave.
New Life Acupuncture, 610 E. live Oak Ave.
Arcadia Spa, 28 E.. Duarte Rd.
Best Health Center, 25 N. Santa Anita Ave. #C

Inquiries regarding Arcadia Police involvement can be directed to the APD Detective Bureau at (626) 574-5160. For questions pertaining to the EDD aspect of the investigation can be made to the State Department of Media Relations at (916) 654-9029.

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