Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Tip - School is Back in Session!

With the Labor Day weekend behind us, most schools are now back in session. This means our kids are out and about and we need to drive with increased caution around our schools. Watch your speed and pay attention to posted school zones. California law requires that you slow to 25 mph in school zones, "When Children are Present". This speed law applies to ANY signed school zone, even multiple laned roadways and "busy" or through streets. A single child on the sidewalk near a school means this speed law may be enforced!

Don't double park, don't stop in traffic to drop off or pick up your child, don't speed, don't be part of the problem!

Do drive cautiously and watch for children and bicyclists! Leave a little earlier, walk your child to school, ride a bike, park a little further away...help us keep your children safe and improve safety near our schools!

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