Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday Tip (Friday Edition) "Do Not Hesitate to Call the Police"

An article was recently posted on the City and Department website that contains some great information. Click on the title below to view the entire article. Here is a brief excerpt;

Do Not Hesitate to Call the Police

In recent months, there has been an increase in residential burglaries in
our community. In most cases, a residential burglary begins with some type
of suspicious activity within a neighborhood, often in broad daylight.
This activity may range from unknown vehicles perusing the area, to
individuals going door to door, determining whether or not residents are
home. These individuals will most likely have a driver waiting for
them, for a quick getaway in case someone begins to question their
actions. Many times, after burglaries have occurred and after suspects
have escaped, our reports indicate that at least one resident in the
immediate area did in fact witness this, or some other type of activity prior to
the crime, but for some reason, did not think more of it, or simply did not want
to inconvenience the police.

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