Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Leave the Car at Home!

Aside from the obvious reasons; helping to maintain your health by walking, saving fuel and reducing your monthly and ever increasing gas bill, pumping less pollutants into our air...there is a great reason coming up in October to leave your car at home; California's Walk to School Week, October 6th - 10th, 2008. The designated Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 8th.

Highland Oaks Elementary School in Arcadia has participated in this event for years. The PTA and School Administration encourages the entire student body to walk with their parents, not just this day, but throughout the school year. They have even offered prizes and incentives for the kids to participate. On the designated Walk to School Day, Highland Oaks even has arranged "guest" crossing guards that are stationed at various intersections heading toward the school. Some of the guests have included City Council Members, City Staff, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and of course, parents. Kudos to Highland Oaks for their efforts and in setting the example for our kids!

Check with your local school and see if they have plans on participating in the California Walk to School Week! If not, maybe you can spearhead the event. Check the Walk to School website for resources and additional information.

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