Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuedsay Tip - Burglary Prevention

Arcadia is no different than other cities in the SGV and our homes are not immune to burglary. In fact, APD has responded to a fair number of daytime, residential burglaries, in recent months. MANY of these burglaries could have easily been prevented. Taking some simple steps when you leave the house can help lessen your chances of being victimized. Lock your doors, close your windows, pick up your newspapers and mail, turn some lights on, just to name a few.

There are tons of resources available on-line, by mail, or from reliable companies that will survey your home and make recommendations as to security improvements and alarms. Many improvements are inexpensive and can be accomplished in minutes; trimming bushes that seclude windows, replace the outside lights to improve lighting, place broomsticks or poles in the tracks of sliding doors, or the use inexpensive supplemental window locks.

Driving around the City, you can spot potential victims with their windows wide open or mail and newspapers stacked outside. Burglars look at these signs too. They will watch for persons to drive out and knock on the door before making their entry. By that time, it is usually too late for prevention. Make your home as difficult as possible for a burglar. Forced entry is encountered, but unlocked and open doors and windows is more common of an entry point.

Get to know your neighbors and neighborhood. The more eyes the better. If you see persons or cars that are unknown to the area and seem suspicious, call your local police. Knowing your neighbors, their cars and patterns make it easier to identify people or circumstances that are out of the norm.

Here are a couple of links to sites with prevention tips and information; Crime Doctor and the Burglary Prevention Council. You can also contact the APD Community Services Office at (626)574-5174.

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