Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Neighborhood Speed Watch & PACE Car Programs

The City of Arcadia Police Department has enacted the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program. The program is designed to involve the citizen in the process of making their neighborhood and community safer. The goal of the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program is to reduce speeding on neighborhood streets and to increase citizen awareness of the risks of speeding to pedestrians and other vehicles. Volunteers from neighborhoods identify speeding problems, monitor them and work toward their resolution in a partnership with the Police Department.

The Police Department loans neighborhood residents a radar unit, for up to one week, free of charge. Resident volunteers will be briefed on what is expected of them, how to use the radar equipment and how to properly collect data. Two people are needed; One to monitor speed, read out license plate numbers and descriptions of the cars, and the second to fill out the paperwork. At no time will these citizens follow, chase down or confront a motorist. The Police Department will then send an advisory letter to the registered owner of vehicles logged in excess of a given safe speed. The letter will explain that their vehicle was observed speeding in the area and we will encourage drivers to drive in a safe and cautious manner.

If a pattern of speeding is established, the Police Department may also employ other means of education and enforcement such as use of a speed radar trailer, message boards, deterrent vehicles and/or aggressive enforcement. Identified problem areas will also be presented to the City Traffic Advisory Committee for review and consideration of alternative engineering methods.

In addition to Speed Watch, we are also introducing the PACE Car Program. The Pace Car Program is an innovative, new, citizen-based effort offered by the Arcadia Police Department that is designed to calm traffic on Arcadia streets. The program is modeled after similar programs that have been successfully implemented in other US cities. By signing the Pace Car Pledge and displaying the Pace Car window/bumper sticker, Arcadia citizens set the pace for safer Arcadia streets.

It is everyone’s responsibility to drive safely, obey all traffic laws and help keep our streets safe. For further information, contact Officer Steve Crawford, APD Traffic Bureau, at (626) 574-5151 or by email,


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea.

AP said...

This is wonderful. I hope we adopt this in Pasadena.

meandering said...

I concur...gave it a plug on blogging la as it is a very good idea that more communities need to look at to help officers prioritize enforcement zones.