Friday, July 25, 2008

Debit Card Fraud Follow-Up

Nathan McIntire ran an article in the SGV Tribune addressing the recent rash of debit card fraud in which many residents of Monrovia and Duarte were victimized. There is no new information on the cases as to source of the problem, but that is where both the police and bank follow-up come into play. As was said in the latest "Tuesday Tip", be aware every time you use your cards. Look at the machines, look around. Sometimes it may be an "inside" job with an employee obtaining the information, but many times it is the card number and PIN being trapped by suspects outside the business. The use of skimming devices placed over a legitimate card reader or ATM is increasing. Watch out for yourself. Take the time to walk inside to use your card, pay by cash when possible, and check your bank statements frequently to look for any signs of fraudulent activity.

The problem is indeed widespread. ABC7 aired a story yesterday on similar events that occurred at a Pomona gas station. See the story and video HERE.

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