Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alarm Ordinance Adopted

It's official, the City Council has approved the updated alarm ordinance which increases fines for false alarms and a yearly permit fee. SGVN ran the story HERE. We first spoke of the ordinance in a blog entry in June.



No problem with charging people for false alarms. what's the point of charge everyone annual fee?

How do you build that alarm database?

APOA Voice said...

The annual fees cover City and contract cost to maintain the records, the database and supplement billing costs.

The information will probably come from a couple of sources. The first being the permit applications and the second being our in house database for alarm responses.

A good source for info would be Sgt. Brian Ortiz at (626) 574-5174.

I realize that the annual fee rubs some folks the wrong way, but we are now falling in line with many other cities that charge similar fees to their residents. Arcadia has always tried to minimize fees to the residents, but looking at the State cuts and in house costs these days, we too have to revisit the fee issue.