Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Auto Burg Prevention

In Mid May, we ran a short article on Auto Burglary. At the request of members of our Detective Bureau, we are running a Tuesday Tip on the topic once again. This is sparked as a result of continuing auto burglaries in parking structures, such as the parking structure at the 24 Hour Fitness near downtown Arcadia. Not only are vehicles being targeted with obvious property in sight, but thieves seem to possibly be casing their victims. In one recent incident, a woman placed property inside her trunk, locked the vehicle and went inside to work out. There was no visible property in the car yet her vehicle was targeted. The window was smashed and the thief opened the trunk by using a release inside the car door.

The best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is to leave your valuables at home. Store nothing in your vehicle. For some, that may not be practical. If that is the case, place your belongings in the trunk before you leave your house or business. Don’t stand in the open parking lot and place items in the trunk. You don’t know who may be watching. Look around! Be familiar with your surroundings and who is parked near you or in your isle. Write down license plates and vehicle descriptions if you see someone or a suspicious vehicle. Alert the business and call your local police.

Do not depend on security cameras. Many parking structures do not have security officers or cameras. This was the case here. Look out for yourself and your property. Just like at home, when you are out, lock your doors, be alert, look around and be mindful of your actions. Choose your parking space. Park in well lighted areas, not in a dark corner. Don’t invite a thief!

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