Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Temporary Parking Permits Available On-Line

The Arcadia Police Department is adding to services available on-line by making the purchase of temporary overnight parking permits available via the City website. Parking permits are required to park vehicles on City streets during overnight hours. The hours are changing to 2:30-5:30 AM effective January 15, 2010. APD currently offers on-line reporting for certain types of crime reports and will offer the on-line temporary parking permits effective January 9, 2010.

HERE is a link to the City website for future purchase of Temporary Overnight Parking Permits. This link is available on the home page of the City of Arcadia website under "On-Line Services." You can still purchase temporary permits in the lobby of APD. The charge for each night of parking is $3.00 either on-line or in the lobby. There is a $1.00 service fee per permit when purchased on-line.

Annual overnight parking permits are available for purchase at the Cashier's Office in City Hall. Both Annual and Temporary Overnight Parking Permits only allow vehicles to park on the street overnight, not in violation of any other regulations or signs.

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