Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Projected Loads in Vehicle

Summer is upon us and many folks will be out buying lengths of 2'x4', PVC pipe, shelving, trim, and other long items that we need for projects. Sometimes there is a problem with just how long the items are and how much our vehicle can accommodate. The are many laws in the California Vehicle Code that pertain to size, weight and load. These sections apply to all vehicles and not just commercial vehicles and trucks. Here are a few examples of sections that cover violations that we commonly see on the roadway;
  • CVC 24604 - Rear Load or Projection Excess 4' Requires Flag or Red Lights. Any load that extends beyond 4' from the rear of the vehicle, measured from the taillights, needs a 12"x12" red flag during the daytime and 2 red lights during darkness.
  • CVC 35111 - Passenger Vehicles, No Load May Project Beyond the Line of the Fender on Left Side and No More Than 6" from Right Fender. The picture above depicts a common scenario with items sticking out of the passenger window. In this case, the items were about 2' from the passenger side of the car and would be considered unlawful.
  • CVC 35406/35410 - Limit Front and Rear Projections. 3' to front from front bumper and 2/3 wheelbase limit to rear.
  • Click HERE for sections regarding covering loads such as sand and gravel.
Use the links to read specific language from the CVC to be clear on these laws. Measure the space available in your vehicle before you make a purchase. Ask a friend to provide a truck or other transportation if needed. Most home centers offer either delivery or truck rental at their shops as well. These sections are in place for all of our safety. Please pay attention to your load lengths and avoid creating a hazard and possibly a citation.

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