Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fire Extinguisher Repair Scams

Ventura County businesses were being warned a few months ago about bogus fire extinguisher repair and recharging scams in their area. The Arcadia Fire Department also released a "Consumer Alert" on the topic back in April. Last Friday, several businesses in town were subject to persons posing as licensed fire extinguisher repair technicians who were charging fees to "recharge" the business extinguishers. APD Officers arrested a 23 year old man from Woodland Hills after he was identified by a local business owner after the suspect allegedly conducted such a scam. It appears that the suspect was operating without a City business license and had no equipment capable of recharging fire extinguishers. Although these incidents occurred in the downtown Arcadia area, all business should be aware of these scams.

If you have questions on the topic, refer to the Consumer Alert link above or call AFD at (626) 574-5104. If you believe that a crime is occurring involving this type of scam, or you have been victimized, call APD at (626) 574-5123.

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