Monday, July 6, 2009

Interesting Responses to Blog Post

One of the latest posts on the Philosophical Cop Police Blog is titled, "What's Wrong With Cops These Days?" The post has generated about 20 responses to date and gives you a little insight into public perception and belief on the topic. You will find some positive responses as well as some responses that target specific areas of Law Enforcement and use of force.

Overall, I am pleased with the development of Law Enforcement over the last two decades. Education and training requirements have been raised, accountability on both an individual and department level is more evident, and I think that more departments interact with the communities that they serve today, more than in decades past.

Laws will be laws; they are just massaged over time to suit technology, trends, need and other factors. The individual officer plays a key role in positive change and effectiveness in any department. Like other police departments, we look for the best people we can and provide them with excellent training and guidance, striving to put competent, thinking, police officers on the street. The training never ends and time plus experience add to how the individual officer grows in their career.

Take a look at the comments and see what you think...

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