Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letter in Support of Interim Police Chief Bob Guthrie

The City of Arcadia is currently in the process of testing for the position of Chief of Police for the Arcadia Police Department. The following is a letter from Arcadia Police Officers' Association President, John Jurman, to Arcadia City Manager, Don Penman, and clearly states our position on this issue:

June 01, 2011

Mr. Penman,

On May 18, 2011, the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association held a general membership meeting with the main focus of this meeting being the union’s endorsement of Interim Chief Bob Guthrie for the position of permanent Chief of Police. This vote of endorsement was done by secret ballot and I am pleased to tell you the turnout from our membership in regard to this very important issue was high.

After tallying the votes the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association overwhelmingly declared its intent to support Interim Chief Bob Guthrie as he vies for the position of Chief of Police. One significant note of importance in this vote was the turnout of the entire management team from the police department who individually and collectively stated their support for Bob Guthrie as the permanent Chief of Police.

I wanted to take a moment to ensure you that the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association is an organization of professionals and as such we shall work with and give our full support to whomever you choose as the leader of this department. However, based on many years of working hand in hand with Bob Guthrie, we feel his level of commitment to this department and community, his extraordinary professionalism and knowledge of the law enforcement profession (past, present and future) makes him an outstanding candidate for the position of Chief of Police. From his many years of service, we feel Bob Guthrie has a vested interest in this department and its people. Bob Guthrie has a vision for the future of this organization and as such, a vision for a safer Arcadia community.



John Jurman

President, Arcadia Police Officers’ Association

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