Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suspect Arrested with Phony Apple Products

On Sunday afternoon, January 10th, at about 1:20 PM, a lone male suspect entered a business in the 1000 block of South Baldwin Avenue and offered to sell the employees an assortment of Apple iPhones and Nanos at a discounted price. One of the employees thought that this was suspicious and called APD. Officers arrived and detained the suspect who was in possession of over a half dozen counterfeit Apple products. A 29-year old Los Angeles man was taken into custody and booked at APD on felony charges.

This serves as a good warning and reminds us, "buyer beware." Look for the "Tuesday Tip" next week to cover this type of scam.


Steven said...

It would be interesting to even see what this counterfeit products looked like! Who can pull off a iPhone look alike, its so detailed.

APOA Voice said...

The only detail that was impressive was the shiny apple. Lack of the iPhone imprint and sloppy graphic spacing on apps were just a couple of clues that the phones were fraudulent. The casing itself is similar, however, if your were comparing "apples" was pretty obvious.