Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Deny Parole for Killer of LAPD Metro Officer Jim Pagliotti

APOA President Troy Hernandez authored the below letter addressed to the Parole Board to help in the fight to deny parole to the killer of Los Angeles Police Department Metro Officer Jim Pagliotti. A hearing is set for late February for Louis Belvin Jr. The APOA joins the LAPPL in asking for the public's help in keeping this killer behind bars. Please write to the Parole Board at the below address referencing your dissent toward the release of Belvin #H33133.

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility & State Prison
900 Quebec Avenue
Corcoran, Ca 93212

Dear Parole Board Members:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association to express our voice and concern reference Louis Belvin’s (#H33133) parole eligibility. Over 30 years ago a valued life was viciously and uncaringly taken from this earth. That day, Monday, June 22, 1987, Police Officer III James H. Pagliotti made the ultimate surrender. Officer Pagliotti’s self-sacrificing actions to protect the citizens of the City of Los Angeles and his fellow officers will never be forgotten. In 1987 alone, there were 182 total line of duty deaths. Of the 182 deaths, 75 were from hostile gunfire. Mr. Belvin was responsible for 1 of those deaths. His actions on that horrific day were specific, evil, selfish and unforgivable.

It goes without saying that every Police Officer knows that he or she may not return home at night to see their family and friends. Please do not allow Mr. Belvin to make that thought become reality again for another Police Officer. We are asking that the board deny Mr. Belvin his right to commit felonious crimes once again and to protect the innocent citizens whom he would prey on.

Respectfully Submitted,

Det T. Hernandez
President, APOA

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