Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Auto Burglary Suspect in Custody

Over the course of Friday night to Saturday morning, at least seven auto burglaries or thefts from vehicle occurred in the area of the "San" streets. Victims reported crimes occurring on San Miguel, San Antonio, San Luis Rey, and Santa Cruz. Reported loss included various items, cash, stereo equipment, garage door openers, and other items.

On Sunday afternoon, a Monrovia Police Officer detained an individual who was in possession of some of the stolen property. Follow-up investigation by Arcadia Officers at a local hotel revealed additional property related to the auto burglaries. A 32 year old male from Pasadena was arrested and booked at APD on suspicious of auto burglary. This case is a good example of good communication and cooperation between local police agencies.

If you were the victim of a similar crime and have not reported the incident, please contact APD Detectives at (626) 574-5160.

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