Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Slow Down, School is in Session!

Arcadia High School students returned yesterday and Arcadia middle and elementary schools open today! School being back in session equates to additional traffic and hazards on our roadways. SLOW DOWN! Traffic and Patrol Officers will be paying extra attention to the streets near and around our schools. Speeding, unlawful turns, double parking, dropping off your child in the street...take your pick, we will be targeting you if you are not driving safely near our schools. As always, drive safely, drive smartly! Don't be part of the problem, help be the solution.


Anonymous said...

How about reminding officers of other cities to slow down as they pass through Arcadia? On Friday, Sept 4, there was an accident on Santa Anita near the 210 where an El Monte officer totaled his and a citizen's car as he was following two Irwindale officers at about 80 MPH down Santa Anita.

Although his lights and siren were on, going through intersections without significantly slowing (as do ambulances and fire trucks) is rather dangerous.

APOA Voice said...

Can't comment on the crash as I don't have all the facts, but the California Vehicle Code requires that drivers of emergency vehicles rolling "code 3" drive with "due regard for the safety" of others on the roadway. Police agencies do indeed review incidents like this collision for purposes of training, policy and procedure, liability, legal issues etc.