Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Secure Your Guns!

The death of a 2-year old in Vacaville last week serves as a dramatic reminder for the need for gun safety in the home. California law requires secure storage of firearms when children under 18 are likely to be present and you are in control of the premises. Definitions and exemptions can be found in Penal Code section 12035, Criminal Storage of a Firearm.

Gun safety starts at home. If weapons are present in a home, children need to be taught proper weapon handling and safety. Weapons need to be properly secured. In the event that a child finds a gun, the National Rifle Association Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program teaches children the following:
  • STOP!
  • Don't touch!
  • Leave the area!
  • Tell an adult!

The NRA also offers additional information for parents on gun safety, training and additional information HERE.

There is no excuse for having an unsecured weapon in your home. Gun safes are reasonably priced and are readily available. Use of a gun safe is preferred but many police departments offer simple gun locks for free. APD offers gun locks at our front counter. Check with your local agency for availability.

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