Saturday, November 22, 2008

CraigsList Leads to Arrests

Twice in the last couple of days, arrests were made for solicitation of prostitution where the arrestees used CraigsList to advertise their services on the Internet.

Early Friday morning at about 12:30AM, Officers arrested a female adult at the Santa Anita Inn, 130 West Huntington Drive for solicitation. The woman was contacted by phone and later arrived at the motel. After entering the room and offering sexual services for money, she was taken into custody.

At about 9:30PM last night, Officers placed a call to a female subject who also offered to perform sexual services for money. This subject was actually staying in a room at the Santa Anita Inn and when Officers arrived, the female was found to be a juvenile. She was taken into custody along with two additional female adults. The adults were booked for pimping and child endangerment as well.

The computer age and the Internet allow access to almost any information these days. Activity such as this is no exception. These two cases should serve as a warning to anyone who solicits prostitution in this manner, using the Internet and a cell phone. Customer or provider, you will be arrested.

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