Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arcadia Named Best City for Kids 2009

Congratulations to the City of Arcadia and its residents! BusinessWeek named Arcadia as California’s top City to raise your family for 2009. Diamond Bar and Monterey Park were runners up in the survey. Qualifications for consideration included population of at least 50,000 people and median family income between $40K-$100K.

“We then narrowed the list of towns using the following weighted criteria: school performance; number of schools; household expenditures; crime rates; air quality; job growth; family income; museums, parks, theaters, and other amenities; and diversity. We weighted school performance and safety most heavily, but also gave strong weight to amenities and affordability.”

You can link to media stories on the announcement at KABC7 and KCAL9.

All of our residents, students, business owners, AUSD staff and City Employees should take pride in this announcement. “Making a Difference” is the motto of the Arcadia Police Department. Our Officers see this motto each day, posted prominently on the walls of APD. Putting that motto into action helps to make our City a better and safer place. It is pleasing to see that our actions do indeed contribute to a positive impact on the community.

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