Sunday, August 10, 2008

ID Theft Reminder

"Glendora Realtor Mom" gives an account on her blog of a recent event that serves as a good reminder to us all of the importance of keeping track of your belongings. She writes of leaving her purse on a chair at the Westfield Shoppingtown in Arcadia and returning to find it missing. Credit cards, money, social security cards etc, all inside the purse. With some luck, the culprits only made off with some cash, an AMEX card and ATM cards and abandoned the purse outside Nordstroms. There was still some potentially valuable information in the purse and it is not known if the thieves made use of it.

She thanks the Arcadia Police Officers for assisting her in the incident and that is what caught my attention, however, the event does serve as a real time reminder of what can happen to any of us at any time. Keep close watch on your belongings and always take care of purses, wallets and packs containing your credit cards, ID's, bank cards, house keys and other items with personal information on them. She offers some good advice on the topic at the end of her post.

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