Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crosswalk Safety Improvement

School and pedestrian safety is one of the most constantly discussed and visited topics by the City Traffic Advisory Committee.

Earlier this year, the TAC moved to upgrade one of the busiest school crossings in town, located near Dana Middle School. The crosswalk is on Santa Anita at Leroy. With recent roadway construction, it was a great time to install in-ground flashing lights and flashing LED signs at the crosswalk.

The lights are pedestrian activated and remain on for a given amount of time. The flashing lights in the roadway, combined with the flashing LED's on the signs draw much more attention the the potential crossing students or pedestrians.

The City installed overhead flashing lights and in-ground lights at a West Arcadia crosswalk on Duarte Road last year. The public reception has been positive and we believe that with the addition of these lighted crosswalks, the City is a step forward in pedestrian safety. The activation button delivers the message, "Cross With Caution". The message is appropriate as the lights do not guarantee that traffic will yield. It is still incumbent on the pedestrian to watch and only cross when safe to do so.

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