Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arcadia Council Cadidates Start Early

Aside from old school print media coverage, advertisements and letters to the editor, our City Council candidates have new outlets for exposure, airing their views and hopefully, conversation. Arcadia's Best has opened blog space on their website for the candidates and four have taken advantage of the Internet to voice their opinions. A couple have even snipped back and forth already.

Members of the Arcadia Police Officers' Association will be able to listen to and question the position of several candidates who have expressed interest in addressing our membership. The candidates will appear at a membership meeting later this month. While we understand that City Council does not work directly with the APOA, it is important to maintain open lines of communication. We saw great strides made in the last few years in this arena and the APOA is thankful to the current City Council members that reached out to our membership.

It is evident early on that there are concerns in the community and positions being stated by City Council candidates that either directly impact our membership or in which our members play a vital role in. Such as traffic enforcement and engineering issues, budget and state of the City, crime prevention and what types of crime trends are being seen in Arcadia. These are all important issues, along with many others, that impact the community and we urge those of you in the City to listen to each position but more importantly, research and learn what is not only the best for the City of Arcadia but what is realistic and attainable. Don't let campaign rhetoric cloud the issues.

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