Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Protecting Your Laptop

Who does not own a laptop computer? Students, professionals, the "tweeting" mom, just about everyone these days is using a portable computer to communicate and manage their lives. We take them with us and many times, unfortunately, persons are victimized by thieves stealing the laptop. Laptops are stolen from vehicles, dorm rooms, tables in a coffee shop, a hotel lobby, you name it. What can you do to help recover your property? There are companies that offer tracking services to assist in the recovery of stolen computers.

A recent case was cleared by APD in cooperation with a company named Computrace, aka Lojack for Laptops. The laptop was covertly monitored after being reported stolen and information was gathered that led to the person currently in possession of the computer. In this case, no one was prosecuted, but the property was recovered. The PI Newswire, a blog dedicated to those in the investigations field, ran a post titled "Spying on a stolen laptop" which details the recovery of a laptop by use of a product from InertLogic using similar technology.

The best defense is obviously prevention. Don't give thieves the opportunity to take your property. However, this type of product is like an insurance policy and could help law enforcement recover your property. Take a look and review different products to see if this style technology is of benefit to you.

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