Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Tip - How Much is Too Much Information?

Social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others are used daily by all of us to share experiences and information. Some of this information is personal. People share photos, current whereabouts, vacation plans, stories, news, family updates...you name it. But when does this sharing become too much? Only you can answer that question based on your own comfort level. Some things to consider before you post your next update might include:
  • WHO is reading your post or update? Just your friends? Remember that there is always a way to access information that you believe to be private. Take your pick - a boss, a feuding friend or ex-spouse, a predator or criminal?
  • Giving constant updates of your whereabouts or plans gives criminals the knowledge that your home or business may be vacated, inviting theft or burglary.
  • Personal information can be used to facilitate identity theft; birth dates, current address, where you were born, a maiden name.
  • Job searching? Background investigators use tools to search your past and present Internet activity. One too many embarrassing photos or comment posts could doom your chances when job hunting.
  • For those of us in Law Enforcement, remember that personal posts, website info, etc. is being used in court in attempts to show a bias or discredit you as a witness.

Bottom line is that everything that you post on-line is accessible, even deleted content sometimes. Your personal information is more easily obtained these days. Take a moment to query your name, your address, your phone numbers. Look at county records for home purchases and deeds. Do what you can to protect yourself from those who would victimize you. Many legitimate search sites will remove your personal information if you ask. And as far as social media goes, take a moment to think about what you are posting before you click that mouse.


Anonymous said...

I am new to Facebook and would like to have your blog as a link or group or whatever is the best. I also want to have this particular post on my site.

As you can tell, I sure don't know what I am doing.

APOA Voice said...

Click on this Tuesday Tip and then rt click the address on the top and hit copy on the pull down menu. Then pull up your Facebook page and hit the down selection arrow in your update window. That will display a "link" button. Click the link button and then rt click in that box. Hit paste and it will load the Tuesday Tip link in the box, the click "share". That should work...in theory.