Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auto Burglary Reminder

Yesterday at about 5:45 PM, a woman parked her car near Longley Way School on Warren Way, north of Las Tunas Drive. Her intention was to only be gone a few minutes. She locked her vehicle but left her purse inside. When the victim returned, she saw a suspect reaching inside her car and taking her purse. The suspect then fled to an awaiting vehicle and left the area.

The suspect was only described as a male Hispanic in his 20's, dark clothing and short dark hair. The suspect vehicle was a newer model, dark brown 4-door sedan with unknown type or color paper dealer plates. The suspect vehicle was being driven by an older female Hispanic, large build, 50-60 years old.

Even with the vehicle locked, the suspect was able to easily break a window and gain entry to the car. DO NOT leave valuable items in plain sight in your car, even if only away for a few minutes. This type of crime takes only seconds to commit.

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zoomerdaily said...

Car burglaries are very difficult cases to solve as there is usually very little physical evidence left behind after one has occurred.