Thursday, January 22, 2009

Promotions and Some History

The Arcadia Police Department hosted a celebration of its own on Tuesday, promoting 5 supervisors. Officers Vaughan Whalen, Jason Davis, and Stan Flores were each promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and Sergeants Colleen Flores and Roy Nakamura were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Chief Bob Sanderson took a moment to speak on the careers of each of them and praised them for their achievements. City Manager Don Penman presented each of the supervisors their new wallet badge in honor of their promotions. Pictured above are from left to right, Vaughan Whalen, Jason Davis, Bob Sanderson, Roy Nakamura, Colleen Flores, and Stan Flores.

Colleen Flores becomes the first woman in the history of the Department to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and become a member of our management team. So, history was not made in Washington DC alone this week. Lieutenant Flores is pictured below with City Manager Don Penman. Photos by Emily Burkardt.

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